Dan Watson

OFTEN SEEN: working on the beehives… usually minus a bee-suit as they are “too uncomfortable”.

PET PEEVES:  the weather

TAKES HIS HONEY: in porridge, on toast and when sick by the jarful.

WORST BEE STING: let’s just say it was whilst relieving himself, and he may have temporarily passed out due to shock of a sting to a certain part of his anatomy. 

KNOWN FOR: his adventurous spirit, creative mind and finding the fun in every situation.



People say he’s a chip off the old block and Dan Watson will reluctantly admit he’s got more than a little in common with his ‘old man’.

He grew up being chucked in the back of his Dad’s truck for whatever the adventure was for that day. He soon learnt to love New Zealand for all the same reasons as his Dad.  While they share a love of nature, hunting and chemistry ‘Dan the Dreamer’ as his Dad calls him has a more light-hearted, fun approach to life.

It was his natural curiosity saw him peering into beehives as a child. Years of hands-on learning with his Dad have helped form the excellent beekeeper he has become today.

Now overseeing the massive operation of Watson & Son’s 14,000 hives Dan manages a team of beekeepers working in some of the most remote areas of New Zealand. The terrain is extreme, often requiring helicopters to move hives in and out.

It’s challenging, backbreaking but meaningful work. Whether he’s navigating cliffs and bush in pursuit of honey or wild boars Dan’s love of the land remains strong. He will still go hunting and fishing as often as he can, and takes quiet pleasure in the fact that these days it’s his Dad trying to keep up with him!